Standard Novelties Trophy & Awards Desktop Acessories Gift Boxes  


Artikelnr.: Ashtray120x120x40
Cigarette Ashtray 120x120x40 mm

Artikelnr.: Ashtray140x80x35
Cigar Ashtray 140x80x35 mm

Artikelnr.: Ashtray80x80x25
Mini Ashtray 80x80x25 mm

Artikelnr.: ClockE
Clock 95x50x35 mm
(with insertion clock)

Artikelnr.: ClockR
Clock 95x60x40 mm Round Top
(with insertion clock)

Artikelnr.: Letteropener
Letter Opener
(with metal application)

Artikelnr.: MHCB30
Memoholder on Cube 30 mm
(with metal application)

Artikelnr.: MHPY40
Memoholder on Pyramid 40x40 mm
(with metal application)

Artikelnr.: PH080
Penholder 50x50x80 mm, 1 hole

Artikelnr.: PH100
50x50x100 mm, double-hole

Artikelnr.: Plug
(Silicon rubber rings, with stainless steel application)

Artikelnr.: Ruler

Artikelnr.: Stifte Schale
Stifte Schale 200x80x20 mm

Artikelnr.: WMC
World Map Clock
(with sandblasting and big insertion clock)