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About nobel

For more than a quarter of a century, nobel has been at the forefront of glass design, balancing state-of-the-art technological advancements with centuries-old traditional glassmaking techniques. Founded in 1979, nobel is a german company. nobel revolutionized the art glass industry with the introduction of clear, optical crystal -- a new medium for the branch of trophies and awards, that was characterized by unparalleled brilliance, surface finish and clarity.

The discovery of this new medium of extraordinarily pure glass, crafted by the most talented and accomplished designers and glassmakers in the world, that made nobel the preeminent maker of fine glass internationally.

Then as now, nobel has had but one ideal -- to make the finest glass the world has ever known, with strict adherence to distinctive design and to the "hand methods" of forming, polishing and engraving. At a time when value is increasingly important, nobel continues to deliver unsurpassed quality, superior craftsmanship, and an unerring attention to design and detail.

Our diverse selection of engravable glasswares includes items for desktop, souvenirs, acessories, promotional products and trophies & awards.